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Work C.2.15

Nicolaus de Szadek
Commentary on the Quadripartitum


‘(Cracow, BJ, 2489) In nomine domini, amen. Bene sufficit nobis id quod universaliter locuti sumus super his… Hic est liber secundus parcialis Quadripartiti Ptholomei Pheludiani astrologorum principis in quo de significationibus generalibus — que in notabilibus dicta sunt, facile dissolvuntur. Et hec sunt dicta. Collecta anno 1520 per magistrum Nicolaum de Shadek et lecta die Aprilis eodem anno per magistrandum Petrum de Varadino, etc.’


A commentary on Quadripartitum II in Aegidius de Tebaldis’s translation.


Written by Nicolaus de Szadek at the University of Cracow in 1520. Nicolaus de Szadek was active as an astrologer in Cracow c. 1518-1532 (see Markowski, 137-153) and his name appears in connection with two MSS of Aegidius de Tebaldis’s translation of the Quadripartitum (Cracow, BJ, 1967 and Cracow, BJ, 3224, see). According to the colophon, Nicolaus read this text in April 1520 for making Petrus de Varadino a master. A Hungarian ‘Petrus de Varadino baccalarius’ matriculated at the University of Cracow in 1517 (see Regestrum bursae Cracoviensis Hungarorum nunc primum ex autographo codice Bibliothecae Cracoviensis editum, Buda, 1821, 33).


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