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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Ashburnham 202 (128/134)

s. XV2 (after 1463), with 16th c. additions.


northern Italy (perhaps Genoa, cf. f. 77r) in the first quarter of the 16th c.

Paper, III+81 f., one main hand or two similar hands (f. 1-67 and 67v-74v), with 16th-c. additions.

Astrology: table of contents, 16th-c. hand (IIr); chapter index of the Ptolemaic section ‘Tabula Quadripartiti Pth<olom>ei’, added by another 16th-c. hand (IIIr-IIIv); Ptolemaica (1r-67r); ‘De domino anni. Conveniens est nunc scire dominum vel dominos anni…’ (67v-72r); two tables of lunar mansions, with canon (73r-74v); astrological table, added 1510 (75r); note (76r). Blank: Ir (except ex-libris Biblioteca Laurenziana), Iv, IIv, 72v, 75v-81v (except added notes f. 76r: ‘Anno 1524 completo directio coniunctionis maxime pervenit ad Capricorni gr<adum> 12, m<inutum> 0, s<ecundam> 6’; f. 77r: ‘Die 17 Martii 1524 Genue’; f. 81v: beginning of a zodiacal chorography ‘Arietis: Persia, Britannia, Gallia…’).


I codici Ashburnhamiani della R. Biblioteca Mediceo-Laurenziana di Firenze, I.3, Roma, 1891 [Indici e cataloghi VIII], 206-207 (no. 128).


‘Inter utiliores vias quas in edicionibus viderimus sapientum de astrorum doctrinancium influxibus processus quem gloriosus ille astronomorum signifer Ptholomeus Soludianus in libro quatuor parcium ordinavit… Due sunt species ad pronosticandum complementum requesite secundum quod duobus modis — Hic enim adiunximus multa de dictis Hermetis in quibus proficies si Deus voluerit. Et sic est finis. Sit laus et gloria trinis.’

= Commentary on the Quadripartitum I (C.2.5). I, 1r-29v; II, 29v-67r. Short marginal notes throughout by the same hand that copied the chapter index f. IIIr-IIIv. Substantial glosses, possibly by the scribe or by yet another hand, f. 40v-41v (quoting Pierre d’Ailly (‘Cameracensis’) extensively) and 54v.