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Arabus et Latinus

Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ Σ Τ Υ Φ Χ Ψ Ω α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π ρ σ ς τ υ φ χ ψ ω
The following characters have a special meaning. Put them next to a word without a space between.
" "encloses a sequence of words so that the sequence is searched as a whole.
+The following word must appear.
-The following word must not appear.
~The following word should not appear but may appear.
<The following word should appear but is not as relevant as other words.
>The following word should appear and is more relevant than other words.
( )groups words together so that one of the prefixes above can be applied to the whole group.
*is a wildcard behind a word, representing null, one or several arbitrary characters.

Dr. Pouyan Rezvani


General Information

Pouyan Rezvani is an Iranian postdoctoral researcher at the project PAL. In his PhD dissertation he worked on two hitherto unpublished astrolabe texts by Abū Rayḥān Bīrūnī under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jan P. Hogendijk at Utrecht University. He was an academic member of the department of the history of science at the Encyclopaedia Islamica Foundation (Tehran, Iran) from 2013 to 2018. His special interest is history of astronomical instruments in Medieval Islam.

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