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Warsaw, Biblioteka Narodowa, Rps 6627 III

s. XVII1.


Poland, perhaps Cracow.


Jakub Michałowski (1612-1663), palatin in Lublin from 1634 to 1659, cf. f. 4r: ‘Ex manuscriptis Jacobi a Michalow Michalowski tribuni pall<atinus> Lublin<ensis> regii aulici’; Ludwik Felicjan Morstin (1782-1865); sold by Ludwik Hieronim Morstin to the National Library in Warsaw in 1948.

Paper, 343 f., a least five alternating hands.

Geometry, military art, astronomy and astrology: table of contents, incomplete (3v); ‘Tractatus de geometria practica’ (4r-18v); ‘Tractatus de architectura militari’ (18v-55r); ‘Tractatus de fortificatione irregulari’ (55r-65r); ‘De fortificatione Erardi’ (65r-69v); ‘Tractatus de expugnatione artium’ (69v-84r); ‘Tractatus de propugnatione arcium’ (84r-90r); ‘Tractatus de tormentis bellicis seu militaribus’ (90r-92v); ‘Tractatus de intruendis aciebus’ (92v-102r); ‘Tractatus de castrametatione’ (102r-109v); ‘Tractatus de chorographica locorum descriptione’ (110r-117r); ‘Tractatus de ignibus artificialibus’ (117v-119r); ‘Tractatus cosmographiae divisus in quatuor libros’ (119r-162r); ‘Tractatus sinuum rectorum’ (163r-167v); Liber novem iudicum (169r-319v); Hermes, Centiloquium (321r-324v); Bethen, Centiloquium (324v-327v); Capitula Almansoris (327v-333r); Bethen, De horis planetarum (333r-334v); Ptolemaica (334v-337v). Blank: 1r (except fainted note), 1v-3r, 162v, 168, 230-234, 320, 338-343.


J. Czubek, Rȩkopisy hr. Morstinów w Krakowie, Kraków, 1911, 6 (no. 20); K. Muszyńska, Biblioteka Narodowa. Katalog rȩkopisów, VII, Warszawa, 1969, 41-42. Additional information on origin and provenance was kindly provided by Sławomir Szyller, MSS department of the Biblioteka Narodowa, 7 September 2016.


‘Claudii Ptolomei Centiloquium sive Centum sententiae Ioanne Ioviano Pontano interprete. 1. A te et a scientia, fieri enim nequit ut qui sciens est particulares rerum formas pronunciet — sin non moventur provincialis hostis erit.’

= Pseudo-Ptolemy, Centiloquium (tr. Giovanni Pontano) (B.1.9)

, without the commentary. No glosses.