Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Barb. lat. 172

s. XIV (after 1322, cf. f. 190ra: ‘Tradita erat hec Cantori Parisien<si> anno domini 1322 in die beati Iacobi Aprili et transmissa domino Henrico de Urtalis canonico Traiecten<si>’).




Giovanni Pontano, who copied f. Ir; Cardinal Francesco Barberini (1597-1679).

Parchment, 190+I f., three neat hands (f. 1r-42r, 42v-138r, 138r-190r), with additions by two further hands f. 190v and Ir. Beautiful MS with decorated initials.

Astrology: Haly Abenragel, De iudiciis astrorum (1ra-187vb); Ptolemaica (187vb-189vb); John of Toledo, judgement on the conjunction of planets in 1186, although dated 1329 (189vb-190ra); added table for computing the dates of the entry of the Sun into Aries (190v); Petrus Bonus Advogarius, zodiacal chrorography, added by Giovanni Pontano (Ir).


Inventarium codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Barberinae (handwritten catalogue), I, 243-244; T. Silverstein, Medieval Latin Scientific Writings in the Barberini Collection, Chicago, 1957, 45-47; M. Rinaldi, ‘Pontano e le tradizioni astrologiche latine medievali: le apostille dell’umanista nel codice Clm 234 della Bayerische Staatsbibliothek di Monaco e nel Barberiniano Latino 172 della Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana’, Atti dell’Accademia Pontaniana 52 (2003), 295-324: 315-324.


‘Ista est illa nativitas quam ponit Haly Abenrodan in fine Quadripartiti [title in margin by the scribe]. Volo dicere exempla ut melius intelligas quicquid locuti sumus — Et ego primitus volui ponere nat<ivitam> meam quia totum in me probavi et non per auditum.’

= Haly Abenrudian, Glosa super Quadripartito Tholomei (C.2.2), first part of Haly’s appendix only (on his own nativity). The horoscope, missing, was probably meant to be reproduced on f. 188r, left blank.