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Arabus et Latinus

Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ Σ Τ Υ Φ Χ Ψ Ω α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π ρ σ ς τ υ φ χ ψ ω
The following characters have a special meaning. Put them next to a word without a space between.
" "encloses a sequence of words so that the sequence is searched as a whole.
+The following word must appear.
-The following word must not appear.
~The following word should not appear but may appear.
<The following word should appear but is not as relevant as other words.
>The following word should appear and is more relevant than other words.
( )groups words together so that one of the prefixes above can be applied to the whole group.
*is a wildcard behind a word, representing null, one or several arbitrary characters.

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‘Scientia habet species quarum melior post scientiam sunt digniores ut evanescant et destruantur. Completa est eius declaratio. Conpletus est tractatus nonus et est ultimus libri philosophi Geber.’

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