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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Savile 41

s. XVIex-XVII.


Oxford, collection of documents perhaps assembled by John Greaves (1602-1652), who copied the last part of the MS (f. 119-162).

Paper, 166 f., several hands.

Collection of texts, letters and notes in Latin and English, ranging from the late 16th c. to the late 17th c. and dealing with astronomy, geometry, arithmetic, physics and non-scientific topics. The Ptolemaica (2r-7r) form one gathering copied in a single hand. The MS also includes (23r-26v) an autograph letter from Joseph Scaliger to Henry Savile dated April 1595 concerning some geometrical problem (ed. Glucker).


F. Madan, H. H. E. Craster, A Summary Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, II.2, Oxford, 1937, 1111 (no. 6587); J. Glucker, ‘An Autograph Letter of Joseph Scaliger to Sir Henry Savile’, Scientiarum Historia 6 (1966), 214-224: 214-216.


‘Κλαυδίου Πτολεμαίου περὶ ὑποθέσεων τῶν πλανομένων. Hypotheses, ô Syre, coelestium motuum in iis quidem quas de mathematicis scripsimus commentariis, oratione explicare conati sumus — Stella tandem a boreo limite obliqui circelli in consequentia mundi partibus. Finis.’

= Ptolemy, Hypotheses planetarum (tr. Matthias Bergius) (A.3.1). A couple of corrections by the scribe f. 3v.