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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work A.3.1

Hypotheses planetarum (tr. Matthias Bergius)


‘(Munich, BSB, Cod. Graec. 579) Fragmentum versionis M. Bergii ex libello manuscripto et incorrecto, cuius titulus erat Κλαυδίου Πτολεμαίου περὶ ὑποθέσεων τῶν πλανωμένων. Hypotheses, o Syre, coelestium motuum in iis quidem, quas de mathematicis scripsimus commentariis, oratione explicare conati sumus — (14r) Stella tandem a boreo limite obliqui circelli in consequentia mundi partibus. Finis. [additional chapter] (15r) Pro lunari sphaera cogitetur iterum circulus zodiaco concentricus — et excessu quo excedit medius motus Solis.’


First part of Book I only (as in Greek).


Translated by Matthias Bergius (1536-1592). If we accept the chronology of the documents in MS Milan, BA, A. 71 inf. (see) as an indicator, then the translation was made before 1587. A note added by the scribe (Johannes Pretorius) in the margin of Munich, BSB, Cod. Graec. 579, f. 9v, seems to imply that Bergius’s translation stopped at the end of c. I.8 (sphere of the Sun) and that the remaining chapters (I.9-14) were translated by someone else: ‘Hic desinit Bergii versio et antecedentia quidem intelligi et conciliari possunt mediocriter, sed quae sequuntur videntur esse admodum corrupta’. Munich, BSB, Cod. Graec. 579 also contains an additional chapter at the end (f. 15r), which repeats the beginning of the chapter on the sphere of the Moon (as on f. 10r) in a slightly revised version.


450 Jahre Copernicus „De revolutionibus“. Astronomische und mathematische Bücher aus Schweinfurter Bibliotheken. Ausstellung des Stadtarchivs Schweinfurt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Bibliotheken Otto Schäfer (21. November 1993 – 19. Juni 1994), ed. U. Müller, Schweinfurt, 1998, 49 and 330-331, no. 151 (entries by M. Folkerts).