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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work C.1.27

Erasmus Reinhold
Commentary on the Almagest


‘(Berlin, SBPK, lat. F. 391) In Ptolemaei Μεγαλω (!) σινταξιν. (172v) Caput XII libri quinti. (173r) De maxima Lunae latitudine. Alexandriae latitudo est graduum 30.58. Quando autem Luna versabatur in tropico aestivo et in maxima latitudine — canonem parallaxium (?) Solis et Lunae. Θεων δοξα. Calendis Ianuarii 1549.’


A commentary on Almagest V.12-18 found in Reinhold’s notebook mainly devoted to a commentary on Copernicus.


Written by Erasmus Reinhold in 1549. In the same year, Reinhold published his translation of Book I of the Almagest (A.1.5), which also contains some comments by him.