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Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana,

Century 15
Precise date 1470
Method of Dating w
Language Latin
Subject 1 Mathematik
Material chart.
Format 4 | f
Height × width 285-7 x 202
No. of leaves 70
Numbering ff. ant. 3-72 and 1-8, 33-40, 9-32, 41-70 at upper center
Gatherings <a-f>^8 <g>^10 <h>^12
Watermarks <a, h> similar Briquet 4412 (1465-77); <b-d> like 3668 (1487); <e-g> = Briquet 5910 (1469-74).
Cover antique red leather cover stamped with papal arms;
No. of hands 1
Type of writing a very neat corsiva cancellaresca
No. of columns 1 col.
Width of columns <a-d> press-ruled 185 x 122 mm.; <e-h> lead-ruled 180-7 x 120 mm.
Lineation <a-d> 33 press-ruled lines, text on first; <e-h> 30-33 lines starting on top rule;
Ink brown
Decorations tables on 46v-47r and 69r-v; geometrical diagrams and calculations in margins of 3r-24r; calendar circle in red on 46r;
Printed catalogs Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Sala. Cons. Mss.305 (ET. ROSS A) p.369 | Van Egmond, W.: Practical Mathematics in the Italian Renaissance, Florenz, 1980, S.224/225;
Publ. descriptions Verzeichnis Van Egmond;
Source Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Sala. Cons. Mss.305 (ET. ROSS A) p.369 | Katalog Folkerts
Type of source cat. | cat.(ms.)
Work 1Title (ms.) Tractatus Geometrie, et plura etiam Arithmeticae
Title (standard) Tratato della Regola | Tratato delle regola
Contents Geometry, "delle radici (22v), "tratato dell'arcebra (32v), calendar (46r), miscellaneous problems (47v) incl. calendar (62r-v, 68v-69v) and tariff (70r);
Incipit Prima ti amaestrare di tre differencie che sono nel tondo e difinire ciasquna per se | Prima ti voglio
Additional remarks Anonymus
Folio no. 1-68 | 3r-72v
Explicit quante volte puoi erestore fara 20 chome si pose; ed e fatta
Additional copies ff. 22v-46r based on Aliabraa argibra, Ash 1199 et al.
Work 2Title (ms.) Valor Margaritarum
Incipit Appresso saranno
Folio no. 68
Work 3Title (ms.) Valor monetarum Siciliae, Neapolis, et Venetiarum
Incipit Appresso faremo ricordo
Folio no. 68-70