Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 291

Old shelfmarks A. 10; T. James 10
Short title Beda De Temporibus, etc.
Century 11-2
Owner’s notes On Ib a late mark (s. 15): Beda de temporibus de librario S. Aug.
Previous owners From St Augustine's, Canterbury.
Material Membr.
Format 4
Height × width 10 x 6 1/2 in.
No. of leaves 4 + 145
Gatherings a^4 1-17^8 18^8(+1). 2 fo. legenda.
Type of writing In a beautiful round hand of the same school as that of the Missal Nr. 270 Corpus Christi College).
Lineation 29 (and 53) lines
Printed catalogs James, M.R., A Descriptive Catalogue of the Western Manuscripts in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge II,1 (1912) 66-7.
Source Folkerts | James, Corpus Christi College II,1 (1912)
Type of source cat. | pvt. notes
Source’s source insp.
Work 1Title (ms.) Varia, inter quae:
Work 2Title (ms.) Table of numbers
Folio no. 130b
Work 3Scribe(s) The last quire in a much smaller hand of the same school.
Title (ms.) Tabula et ratione numerandi
Incipit Sicut ratio numeri nimis difficilis
Folio no. 137
Explicit uel nongentesimus uel nongesimus.
T & K TK 1496