Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 320

Old shelfmarks T. 1; T. James 282
Short title Sermones. Canones, etc.
Previous owners Winchester ?. "Uberrimam collectionem sermonum seu homeliarum in dies festos, &c. Ex S. Augustino precipue."
Composite ms. 2 parts
Material Membr.
Format 4
Height × width 9 1/10 x 6 in.
Printed catalogs James, M.R., A Descriptive Catalogue of the Western Manuscripts in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge II,1 (1911) 132-7.
Source Folkerts | James, Corpus Christi College II,1 (1911)
Type of source cat. | pvt. notes
Source’s source insp.
Work 1Title (ms.) Varia, inter quae:
Work 2Century 12
No. of ms. part I
No. of leaves 114
Gatherings 1^8(wants 1-3) 2-7^8(+ 1 after 5) 8^8 9^8(wants 1) 10^8(wants 8) 11-5^8(8 mut.).
Condition Cut at the top.
Type of writing In a large clear script.
Lineation 37-40 lines
Work 3Century 8 (?)
No. of ms. part II
No. of leaves 54
Gatherings 1^8(2 replaced by a smaller blank leaf) 2-6^8 7^6.
Type of writing It is in a fine bold minuscule not specially Anglian, rather Carolingian.
Lineation 20 lines
Initials etc. Titles in red capitals.
Marginal annotations said to be "not older than cent. viii," but seems an exaggerated of its age.
Work 4Title (ms.) Measures of lenght
Folio no. 99