Cambridge, Trinity College, R.15.14

Century 10
Previous owners Given by Willmer. It is from St Augustine's, Canterbury. In the Catalogue (f.67) is the entry, "Geometria et arsmetrica Boecii W. de Clare. 2 fo. viri eciam.
Material Membr.
Height × width 4 7/8 x 3 7/8
No. of leaves 111 + 12
Numbering The foliation begins with 3, the paper fly-leaves being apparently counted.
Gatherings 1^12(3 and 8 canc.) 2^8 3^8 4^10 5-7^8 8^10 9^10(4 canc.) 10^10(3, 7, 10 canc.) 11^8 12^8(7, 8 canc.) 13^8 14^8 15^4. 2 fo. uiri etiam.
Condition The first page is a good deal stained.
Type of writing In a fine minuscule.
Lineation 20 lines
Decorations Diagrams and coloured initials, in scarlet, darker red, green and blue.
Printed catalogs Cat. Mss. Angl. 491. | James, M.R., The Western Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge II (1901) 349-54, 428 # 939. | Schenkl, H., Bibliotheca patrum Latinorum Britannica # 2360.
Publ. descriptions Vollständige Beschreibung C. Thulin, Zur Überlieferungsgeschichte des Corpus Agrimensorum. Exzerptenhandschriften und Kompendien, Göteborgs Kungl. Vetenskaps och Vitterhets-Samhälles Handlingar, Fjärde Följden XIV:1, 8, 13f., 30.
Source Folkerts | James II (1901)
Type of source cat. | pvt. notes
Source’s source insp.
T & K TK 70 (?), 584, 870 (2x), 887, 1056, 1059 (2x), 1258, 1544, 1565, 1591.
Work 1Title (ms.) Varia, inter quae:
Work 2Author (ms.) Boetius
Author standard Boethius
Title (ms.) Geometrie
Incipit GEOMETRIA Est DISCIplina magnitudinis immobilis formarumque descriptio
Folio no. 1(3)-41r(43)
Work 3Title (standard) Gromatische Texte
Folio no. 41r-101r
Additional copies Wie Neapel V A 13, Nr. 1-20 (in etwas anderer Reihenfolge).
Work 4Title (ms.) Geometrische termini technici
Incipit Podimus p.III
Folio no. 101v
Work 5Author (ms.) Remnius Palaemon
Author standard Remnius Palaemon
Title (ms.) De ponderibus
Incipit Pondera peoniis veterum memorata tabelli
Folio no. 102r
Work 6Title (ms.) Auszüge aus De mensuris et ponderibus (La. 371-6)
Incipit Pondera pars minima calculus
Folio no. 109v