Cambridge, University Library, Dd. XII. 61

Century 13
Previous owners On the first leaf is inscribed, "Abbas gherardus poelgheest venerandus in Egmont / Istum cum multis libris reparavit honeste / Anno Domini mº ccccº lxvº". In the last page, inserted between the text, "Iste liber pertinet ad claustrum sancti Adalberti levite Christi in Egmunda si quis alienaverit sit Anathema. Amen".
Material Membr.
Format 8
No. of leaves 123
Printed catalogs Hardwick & Luard, H.R., Catalogue of the Manuscripts preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge I (1856) 500 # 778.
Source Folkerts | Hardwick & Luard I (1856)
Type of source cat. | pvt. notes
Source’s source insp.
Work 1Additional names Adelhard
Title (ms.) De Geometria Arte | Geometrie I-XV (Adelhard II)
Contents This volume contains a Latin translation from the Arabic of the Enunciations, &c. of the Elements of Euclid, as far as the Vth proposition of the 15th book inclusive. There are constructions and demonstrations for many of the enunciations, in genaral terms, and preceding the enunciations. Here and there strictures upon Euclid are inserted.
Incipit Punctus est illud cujus pars non est
Folio no. 2v-124v
Rubric Euclides Philosophus, De Geometria Arte
Explicit Continet totus liber iste cccc lxv proposita et propositiones et xv porismata, praeter anxiomata singulis libris praemissa; proposita quidem infinitivis propositiones vero indicativis explicans. Deo Gratias.
Math. drawings There are figures supplied in the margins as far as to the XVIIth proposition of the 3rd book; there are some also in the 9th. These as well as many of the initial letters are executed in red oil-colour.
Additional information Halliwell, Rara Mathematica 57 Anm.9.