Oxford, Bodleian Library, Hatton 42

Century 10 | 9
Place of origin France
Language Latin
Previous owners A s. 11 (?) Saxon name Wulfric on 79, and a s. 12 inscription on the old back of the cover "Liber Sc. Dunstani", make it probable that this MS., like GOxfB Bodley 511, was brought from Britanny to Glastonbury abbey in the course of s. 10. An old English word occurs on 49. Cues to the Commune Sanctorum of a gradual with some neums have been entered in a late s. 11 Canterbury (?) hand on the margins of 133v, 134r. Archbishop Matthew Parker has marked passages and appended notes (22v, 23, 38, 73v, 106v) in red orchre, and may have owned the volume in s. 16/II. Other late s. 16 marginalia (9, &c.) are perhaps by his secretary, John Joscelyn.
Composite ms. 3 parts
Material Membr.
Height × width 12 1/4 x 8 3/4 in.
No. of leaves iii + 207
Cover White leather on boards, English s. 12 (?) work, re-backed, the old back is laid down on the inside of the end cover.
Printed catalogs F. Madan, H.H.E. Craster & N. Denholm-Young, A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford II 2 (1937) 848-9 # 4117.
Publ. descriptions H. Wasserschleben, Irische Canonensammlung (2^1885) xxxiii, lxvii-lxxi. W. Stubbs, Memorials of St. Dunstan, Rolls Series, 63 (1874) lxxvi-lxxvii, cxii. H. Bradshaw, Early Collections of Canons known as the Hibernensis (1893) 62. W. Stokes, Old Breton Glosses (1879) 2 16. W. Stokes, Revue Celtique 4 (1879) 328 341.
Source Madan et al. (1937)
Type of source cat.
Source’s source insp.
Work 1Title (ms.) Collections of Canons, among which are:
Work 2Century 9/II
Place of origin Britanny
No. of ms. part I (1-)
Initials etc. With capitals marked in colour.
Glosses etc. H. Bradshaw has noted (Collected Papers (1889) 471 487) that additions including some "Hispernic" words (e.g. on 94r, 138r) have been made in a 10th-cent. hand resembling that of a Cornish or Breton glossator of GCamU Ff. 4. 42.
Work 3Title (ms.) Tables of affinity
Folio no. 138-9
Work 4Title (ms.) Miscellaneous notes on weights and measures
Folio no. 133v, 139v