Oxford, Bodleian Library, Savile 41

Scribe(s) John Greaves (and others)
Century 17 | At various dates.
Language Latin
Material Chart.
Height × width 13 1/10 x 8 1/5 in.
No. of leaves 166
No. of hands div.
Printed catalogs F. Madan, H.H.E. Craster & N. Denholm-Young, A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford II 2 (1937) 1111 # 6587.
Source Madan et al. (1937)
Type of source cat.
Source’s source insp.
Work 1Title (ms.) Miscellaneous papers, among which are:
Work 2Author standard Ptolemaeus
Title (ms.) De hypothesibus
Folio no. 1-
Work 3Title (ms.) Notes from geometrical printed books
Folio no. 9-
Work 4Author standard Scaliger
Scribe(s) H. Savile (rec.)
Title (ms.) Copy of a letter and geometrical notes
Folio no. 23-
Other passages Apr. 7, 1595
Work 5Author standard Joseph Mede
Title (ms.) Interpretatio Numeri 666
Printed copies Published in English at Oxford in 1642 by Francis potter, S.T.B.
Folio no. 30-
Rubric Interpretatio Numeri 666
Work 6Author standard Roger Bacon
Title (ms.) De multiplicacione specierum (copy)
Folio no. 91-
Work 7Author standard John Greaves
Title (ms.) Of the Mountains of the earth
Folio no. 141-
Rubric Of the Mountains of the earth, according to the Arabians, and first of the mountains of the moon
Work 8Author standard John Greaves
Title (ms.) A printed scheme of the phases of the sun
Contents Observed at Oxford Sept. 13, 1699.
Folio no. 166