Oxford, University College, 48.

Scribe(s) Robertus Paine
Century 17
Language Latin
Previous owners coll. Univ. e dono Johannis Elmhurst
Material Chart.
Format 4
No. of leaves 112
Printed catalogs H.O. Coxe, Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Oxford Colleges I, Cat. cod. mss. Coll. Universitatis (1852) 14.
Source Coxe | Folkerts
Type of source cat. | pvt. notes
Source’s source insp.
Work 1Title (ms.) Rogeri Bacon opera varia, inter quae:
Work 2Author standard Roger Bacon
Title (ms.) De multiplicatione specierum
Incipit Primum caput circa influentiam agentis
Publ. descriptions L. Thorndike, Some medieval and renaissance mss. on physics (Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 104) (1960) 190 (foot-note 4).
Additional remarks Transcriptus ex MS. magistri Allen, coorectus per MS. doctoris Prideaux.
Folio no. 62
Rubric Tractatus de speciebus
Explicit quanquam bene retineat receptum.
Colophon Explicit tractatus magistri Rogeri Bacon, de multiplicatione speciei.