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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Florence, Biblioteca Marucelliana, A 109

s. XVII.


Probably Tuscany.

Paper, 142 f., personal notebook written in one main hand.

Miscellanea of texts and notes in Latin, Greek and Italian, including: table of contents (1r); ‘Eloquentia rediviva’ (3r-21v); Ptolemaica (21v-23r); Greek text referred to as ‘Hippocratis Romus’ in the table of contents f. 1r (23r-28r); anthology of classics, Latin and Greek (28v-30v); list of books referred to as ‘Catalogo di libri mei’ in the table of contents (31r-45r), etc. The MS also contains excerpts from Pappus of Alexandria: ‘Ex Pappo Alexandrino. Problematum geometricum antiqui tria genera…’ (77r-78r).




‘Ex Ptolemeo de Analemmate. Quoniam igitur dimensiones quae in unaquaque mole insunt terminatas esse oportet et positione et multitudine sicut et magnitudine ex omnibus autem declinationibus que fiunt ad rectos angulos — reliquos parallelos Graeci men… (?) … (?).’

= Ptolemy, Liber de Analemmate (tr. William of Moerbeke) (A.5.1), excerpts. No glosses.