Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Digby 114

s. XIV1.


England, perhaps Oxford (cf. f. 30r-32v).


Thomas Allen.

Parchment, 229 f., several hands. MS truncated, with missing elements at least between f. 52-53, between 107-108 and after f. 229.

Astronomy and astrology: tables of Novara (1r-7v); John of Ligneres, various canons of Alfonsine tables (8r-12bisr); astronomical tables, at least partly Alfonsine (12bisv-16v); canons of Toledan tables (17ra-18vb); astronomical tables related to the Toledan tables (19r-24v); astronomical tables for Toledo, Toulouse and London (25r-29v); astronomical tables for Oxford (30r-32v); canons of astronomical tables (33r-34v); Roger of Hereford, Theorica planetarum, excerpt (35va-35vb); astronomical tables (36r); table of eclipses for 1324-1330 (36v); Prophatius Judeus, Almanach (37ra-52v); Albumasar, De magnis coniunctionibus, truncated and incomplete (53r-61r, 62ra-82vb, 86r-102r and 103va-103vb); Alkindi (?), Saturnus in Ariete sub radiis… (61r-61v); two short astronomical chapters (61v); Pseudo-Bede, De tonitruis (83ra-83rb); ‘In conceptione humana primus mensis…’ (83v-84r); ‘Si Sol fuerit in emisperio australi et Venus sub radiis eius…’ (84r); canons of astronomical tables (102r-103r); ‘Quantum ad minucionem temporis oportet inspicere…’ (104v); ‘Scientia stellarum fixarum et quod evenit ex operibus earum…’ (105r-107r); astrological notes on the great conjunction of 1306 (107r-107v); Ptolemaica (108r-164v); Abraham Avenezra, De mundo vel seculo, tr. Henry Bate of Mechelen (165r-175r); ‘De lunari effectu atque potentia…’ (175v-176r); Zael, Fatidica (176r-199v); Haly Abenragel, De iudiciis astrorum, VIII.1-25, end gone (199v-229v). Blank: 35r, 71v, 84v-85v (except for a short astronomical note f. 84v), 104r.


G. D. Macray, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae, IX: Codices a viro clarissimo Kenelm Digby, Oxford, 1883, 127-129; F. S. Pedersen, The Toledan Tables. A Review of the Manuscripts and the Textual Versions with an Edition, København, 2002, I, 143-144.


‘Commentarius Haly in Quadripartitum Ptolomaei, sed imperfectus quia incipit in 19 capitulo libri I. Liber primus, capitulum 19. Haly Aben Rodan [added in upper margin by one or two later hands] … tales ventos et pars occidentalis est feminina. Aly: Ratio propter quam Mars dominatur in parte occidentis est quia in sua complexione temperatur propter magnam humiditatem — et si intellexeris ea bene, scies id quod accidet in mundo de pauco vel multo cum auxilio summe rei. Hic perficitur glosa Hali super secunda parte Quadripartiti Tholomei. Finitur commentarius Haly in Quadripartitum Ptolomei [explicit by the same later hand as on f. 108r].’

= Haly Abenrudian, Glosa super Quadripartito Tholomei (C.2.2), I.19-II. Book I, 108r-113v; II, 113v-164v. The text opens abrupty towards the middle of I.19 due to missing folia, as made clear in the added note f. 108r. Occasional short glosses by a later hand.