Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Pal. lat. 1419

s. XVmed.




Elector Palatine Ottheinrich (1502-1559); Heidelberg, Bibliotheca Palatina; Vatican library in 1623.

Paper, 115 f., a single hand.

Ptolemaica (single text). Blank: 112v-115v.


Inventarium manuscriptorum Latinorum Bibliothecae Palatinae (handwritten catalogue), 502; L. Schuba, Die Quadriviums-Handschriften der Codices Palatini Latini in der Vatikanischen Bibliothek, Wiesbaden, 1992, 208.


‘Quadrip<ar>titus Ptolomei cum commento Haly [title in upper margin, hand of the scribe]. Verba que dixit sapientissimus Ptolomeus in arte iudiciorum super hiis que accidunt… (3vb) Verba Ptholomei. Res, Mizori, quibus perficiuntur pronosticationes accepte pronosticationes accepte (!) de astrologia maiores et nobiliores sunt due — et quod eam preponamus et quod aliam virtutem sequentem eam in dominio et virtute postea ordinemus, quoniam accidentia et eclipsis sunt diversa per regiones et per loca et…’

= Haly Abenrudian, Glosa super Quadripartito Tholomei (C.2.2), without the translator’s preface and ending abruptly in II.8 in the middle of a sentence at the bottom of the page. Haly’s preface, 1ra-3vb; I, 3vb-76vb; II, 76vb-112rb. Occasional short marginal notes by the scribe or a contemporary hand.