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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale, 1022-1047

s. XV1 (1443 for f. 184v-197v, cf. f. 196r; 1410-1415 for f. 29r-82v, cf. f. 39vb, 52va and 82vb).


University of Cologne: f. 101r-226v copied by Paul of Gerresheim (cf. f. 184v); f. 13r-98v copied by Petrus de Wijlre (cf. f. 82vb: ‘Est finis anno 1415° in crastino sco<lastice>, scriptum Colonie anno domini 1415° incompleto in crastino scolastice Virginis per manus magistri Petri de Wijlre prope Hassel [Hasselt]’), who matricutated at the University of Cologne in 1401, was elected rector of that university in 1425 and died in 1447. This Petrus de Wijlre is identical with Petrus de Juliaco [Jülich] (cf. Manuscrits datés…, II, no. 120), the author of two texts found in this MS, f. 89va-98vb and 172v-184r.


Cologne, Charterhouse St Barbara.

Parchment and paper, II+252 f., four hands: f. 1r, 13-98 (Petrus de Wijlre), 101-226 (Paul of Gerresheim) and 238-252.

Astronomy, mathematics and astrology: table of contents, by two late medieval hands (Iv) (ed. Benjamin/Toomer, 61); table: motion of the eighth sphere (1r); astronomical tables with canons ‘Per tabulam post hec descriptam Solis equationem…’ (13r-16v); Alfonsine tables (17r-28v); John of Saxony, Canones (29ra-37rb); ‘Ad eclipsim Solis inveniendum… Expliciunt canones eclipsium Solis et Lune ordinati Parisius per magistrum Iohannem de Saxonia anno domini 1330’ (37rb-39vb); John of Murs, Sermo de regulis compotistarum (40ra-40vb); John of Murs, Tabula tabularum, canons (41ra-43va); ‘Canones tabularum illustris regis Alfoncii. Quoniam canones tabularum regis Alfoncii…’ (43va-47vb); Campanus of Novara, Theorica planetarum (48ra-82vb); Pseudo-Albertus Magnus, Speculum astronomie (83ra-89rb); ‘Opus magistri Petri de Iuliaco. Plurimi quidem scientie astronomie amatores tedio laboris…’ (89va-98vb); Campanus of Novara, Compotus maior (101r-147v); calendar (148r-154r); John of Murs, Canones (154v-158v); ‘Regule ad solvendum diversa enigmata per arismetriam (!). Ad multiplicandum numerum integrorum…’ (159r-161r); John of Ligneres, Algorismus de minutiis (162r-172r); ‘Incipit tractatus magistri Petri de Iuliacho de modo regulandi sive mensurandi vasa. Cum de quorundam corporum regularium…’ (172v-184r); Ptolemaica (184v-197v); Richard of Wallingford, Tractatus rectanguli (198v-202v, attr. Simon Tunstede by added notes in the margin of f. 198v and 200r); John of Murs, Sermo de regulis compotistarum (203r-204v); table: coordinates of cities, mainly German, with notes (205r-205v); notes and figures of geometry (206r-206v); computus table 1440-1970, with canon (207v-208r); Sacrobosco, Algorismus (210r-216v); Nicole Oresme, Algorismus proportionum (217r-222v); John of Murs, Arithmetica speculativa (223v-226v); Nicole Oresme, Tractatus contra iudiciarios astronomos (238ra-241va); Pierre d’Ailly, Tractatus de legibus et sectis contra superstitiosos astronomos (242ra-252ra). Blank: Ir, II, 1v-12v, 99-100, 161v, 198r, 207r, 208v-209v, 223r, 227-237, 252v.


Inventaire de Manuscrits de l'ancienne Bibliothèque Royale des Ducs de Bourgogne, Bruxelles, 1839, 21; R. Calcoen, Inventaire des manuscrits scientifiques de la Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, I, Bruxelles, 1965, 34-37; F. S. Benjamin, G. J. Toomer, Campanus of Novara and Medieval Planetary Theory, Theorica planetarum, Madison-London, 1971, 61-66; Manuscrits datés conservés en Belgique, II: 1401-1440, eds F. Masai, M. Wittek, Bruxelles-Gand, 1972, 17 (no. 108), 21-22 (nos. 117 and 120) and 91 (no. A175); P. Zambelli, S. Caroti, M. Pereira, S. Zamponi, Alberto magno: Speculum astronomiae, Pisa, 1977, 107-110; Manuscrits datés conservés en Belgique, III: 1441-1460, eds F. Masai, M. Wittek, Bruxelles-Gand, 1978, 20 (no. 237) and 39 (no. 278); A. Paravicini Bagliani, Le Speculum Astronomiae, une énigme? Enquête sur les manuscrits, Turnhout, 2001, 13-14.



‘Expositio practice tabule tabularum et propositionum Ptolomei pro compositione tabule sinuum et cordarum necessariarum, facta pro simplicibus per me Paulum de Gherisheym. Necessitatem et utilitatem tabule sinuum et cordarum astronomorum signifier Ptolomeus ostendit in prima dictione sui Almagesti — (196r) tabule sinuum et cordarum. Sequitur nunc ipsa tabula rectificata anno domini 1443’ (followed by the table f. 196v-197v).

= Paul of Gerresheim, Expositio practice tabule tabularum et propositionum Ptolomei pro compositione tabule sinuum et cordarum necessariarum (C.1.17). Autograph copy. Glosses by the author.