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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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London, British Library, Royal 12.E.XXV

s. XIIIex-XIVin.




Oxford, Merton College (catalogue of 1360); Tattershall College (Lincolnshire); Richard Philyp, 15th c.; Old Royal Library; presented by George II to the British Museum in 1757.

Parchment, 184 f., several similar hands or perhaps one main hand.

Scientific texts: table of contents, added (1r); collection of texts and fragments of philosophy and physics (2r-141v); treatise on the quadrant (142r-145r); Tractatus chylindri (145v-147r); short text of arithmetic (147v-148v); tables and texts of astronomy and mathematics (149r-151v); Robertus Anglicus, Quadrans vetus (152r-156r); Albumasar, Flores, second part (156v-160r); Hermes, Liber de quindecim stellis (160v-164r); spheres of life and death (164v-165v); ‘Cum fuerit Luna in Capite vel in Cauda Draconis in uno signo…’ (165v); table: elections from the aspects of the Moon with the other planets (166r); Robert Grosseteste, De impressionibus aeris (166v-169v); Hermann of Carinthia, Liber imbrium (170r-172r); Ptolemaica (172r); Raymond of Marseilles, Liber iudiciorum, , reworking known as ‘Leicester Iudicia’ (172r-176v); Theorica planetarum Gerardi (177r-181r). Blank: 1v, 181v.


G. F. Warner, J. P. Gilson, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Old Royal and King’s Collections, II: Royal MSS 12 A.I to 20 E.X and App. 1-89, London, 1921, 59-61.


‘Tholomeus dixit quod stelle cum caudis sunt 9, prima veru — in regibus et princibus apparebit. Et hec de cometis breviter distinximus. Explicit.’