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Arabus et Latinus

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London, British Library, Sloane 2795

s. XIII1.



Parchment, 86 f., a single neat hand.

Ptolemaica (single text).


Catalogue of Sloane Manuscripts, X, s.l.n.d. (handwritten catalogue), 426; P. Kunitzsch, Der Sternkatalog des Almagest. Die arabisch-mittelalterliche Tradition, II, Wiesbaden, 1990, 14.


‘… die per motum eius medium sicut iam ostendimus ante hec parum in — et in oriente medietatem octave unius…’

= Ptolemy, Almagesti (tr. Gerard of Cremona) (A.1.2)

, Class A. The text includes III.10-X.1 only, due to missing folia on both sides. III, 1r; IV, 1r-15v; V, 15v-32r; VI, 32r-46v; VII, 46v-59v; VIII, 60r-70v; IX, 70v-86v; X, 86v. A few glosses by a contemporary or somewhat later English hand, especially in Book VII (f. 46v-47v, 48v, 50r-51r).