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Work C.4.4

Federico Commandino
Commentary on Ptolemy's Planispherium


‘(ed. Venice 1558) [title] Federici Commandini Urbinatis in Planisphaerium Ptolemaei commentarius. [preface] In hoc libro rationem tradit Ptolemaeus, qua circulos omnes sphaerae caelestis in plano describere possimus… [text] Figuram visam, quemadmodum appareat in proposito plano, describere — (19r) et aliud quodvis corpus. Cum sit possibile, o Syre, etc. Primum docet Ptolemaeus dato aequinoctiali circulo in plano proposito — pariter fecamus, unde stellarum loca certissima ratione deprehenduntur.’


 A commentary on Ptolemy’s Planispherium in Hermann of Carinthia’s translation (A.6.1).


Published by Federico Commandino in Venice in 1558. In this edition, the commentary follows Commandino’s own edition of the original text. MS Urbino, BU, Busta 120 contains apparently the draft or the preparatory work for the edition.




None. English translation in C. Anagnostakis, The Arabic Version of Ptolemy’s Planisphaerium, PhD dissertation, Yale University, 1985, 145-170.