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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work A.1.7

Almagesti (tr. Henry Savile)

Translated from the Greek by Henry Savile in Oxford 1568, this partial version covers Books I-III, V, VII.1-4 and VIII.2, and is interspersed with Theon’s commentary, or, more precisely, with Theon’s commentary for Books I-II, Nicolaus Cabasilas’s for Book III and Pappus of Alexandria’s for Book V (see C.1.30). Books VII and VIII include Ptolemy’s text only. The translation is extant over three autograph copies: Oxford, BL, Savile 26, 27 and 28. Savile lectured on the Almagest at Merton College in 1570-1571 (see C.1.33).


‘(Oxford, BL, Savile 26) [text] Ptolemaeus. Praeclare mihi videntur, Syre, seniores (corr. ex doctiores) philosophi contemplantem philosophiae partem ab activa separasse… [theon’s comm.] Theon. Assiduis auditorum adhortationibus compulsus, fili Epiphanie, ut aliquid de iis quae difficiliora in mathematica Ptolemaei…’.


R. Goulding, Studies of the Mathematical and Astronomical Papers of Sir Henry Savile, PhD dissertation, The Warburg Institute, 1999, 28-31 and 134-138.