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Work C.1.29

Theon of Alexandria
Commentary on the Almagest


A commentary on the Almagest mixing three Greek sources: Theon of Alexandria for Books I-II, IV and VI-X and XII-XIII; Nicolaus Cabasilas for Book III; and Pappus of Alexandria for Book V. All Greek MSS have a lacuna from the end of Book X to the beginning of Book XII (see Rome, xxi) and this lacuna has also affected all Latin translations which have Books X-XII.


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The Greek text was first published by Joachim Camerarius in 1538 (Basel, Johannes Walderus), as second part to the editio princeps of Ptolemy’s Almagest. The exemplar used is a MS which belonged to Regiomontanus, now MS Nürnberg, SB, Cent. V App. 8. Critical edition by A. Rome, Commentaires de Pappus et de Théon d’Alexandrie sur l’Almageste, Vaticano, 1931-1943, 3 vols. An older edition of Books I-II, together with a French translation was made by N. Halma, Commentaire de Théon d’Alexandrie sur le premier livre de la composition mathématique de Ptolémée, Paris, 1821; N. Halma, Commentaire de Théon d’Alexandrie sur le second livre de la composition mathématique de Ptolémée, Paris, 1821.

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