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Work C.3.18

Commentary on the Centiloquium


‘(Cracow, BJ, 2703) Verbum Ptolomei LVII est de medelis unde dum voluerit medicus… (174r) Advertendum ergo (?) quod in prenosticatione eclipsis quomodo (?) iuxta viam Ptolomei principaliter sunt investiganda… Capitulum in quibus terris et provinciis continget efectus eclipsium. Iuxta intentionem Ptolomei efectus eclipsium trans… (?) in civitate concordante cum signo in quo est eclipsis — apparebunt.’


A commentary on Centiloquium v. 57-97 without the original text. V. 96 is followed by an introduction and four chapters on eclipses, which turn out to be a commentary on Quadripartitum II.5-8.


The only known MS is the personal notebook of one ‘Michael Ruszoczky’ or ‘Michael de Ruszocycze’, mainly copied in his hand (including the present text) at the University of Cracow in 1492 and 1493.


G. Rosińska, Scientific Writings and Astronomical Tables in Cracow. A Census of Manuscripts Sources (xivth-xvith Centuries), Wrocław-Warszawa, 1984, 37 (no. 111) and 451 (no. 2349); M. Markowski, Astronomica et astrologica Cracoviensia ante annum 1550, Firenze, 1990, 31.