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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, lat. 7433

s. XVex (c. 1492, cf. f. 83r, with additions by the scribe until 1504-1506).


copied by Franciscus Sirigattus in Florence (‘Tabula elevationis signorum secundum latitudinem civitatis Florentiae…’ dated 13 February 1492 f. 83r; see also f. 77v and 82r). The identification of Sirigattus’s hand is confirmed by his own judgement on a nativity of 1483 extant in MS Florence, BNC, Conv. Soppr. C.VIII.1830, f. 1r-15r, where the colophon (13v) reads ‘1517, F. Sirigatis…’.


Mazarin; library of the kings of France in 1668.

Parchment, I+87 f., a single neat hand.

Astrology mainly: Alchandreana ‘Forma furis. Si quis de fure te requisierit in hora Solis…’ (Iv); Ptolemaica (1r-66r); ‘Tractatus de directionibus planetarum et eorum aspectibus. Directio est arcus aequatoris revolutus…’ (66v-74r); added notes mentioning Regiomontanus and the comet of 1506 (75v); coordinates of cities and countries (77v-80r), with marginal note on the foundation of Florence (77v); table: De electionibus secundum cursum Lune per XII signa (80v-81r); astronomical and astrological tables and notes (81v-83r), including the first lines of Pseudo-Albertus Magnus’s Speculum astronomie (82v); added notes on the conjunction Saturn-Mars of 1504 (87v). Blank: 74v-75r, 76r-77r, 84r-87r.


Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Regiae, IV: Cod. Latini 7226-8822, Paris, 1744, 358; G. Ouy, ‘Un catalogue d’un type nouveau’, Bibliothèque de l’École des Chartes 122 (1964), 273-291: 290; C. Samaran, R. Marichal, Catalogue des manuscrits en écriture latine portant des indications de date, de lieu ou de copiste, IV.1: Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds latin (Suppléments), nouvelles acquisitions latines, petits fonds divers, Paris, 1981, 31; D. Juste, Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Latinorum, II: Les manuscrits astrologiques latins conservés à la Bibliothèque nationale de France à Paris, Paris, 2015, 154.



‘Abreviatio F<rancisci> Sirigatti super Quadripartito Ptholomei. Scientia stellarum est ars a principiis certis aliarum scientiarum proveniens, quibus ea quae accidunt possunt sciri — et dabimus cuilibet signo duos dies et horas 8. Finis quarti et ultimi libri Quadripartiti…’ (end of line deleted).

= Franciscus Sirigattus, Abreviatio super Quadripartito Ptholomei (C.2.10)

. Book I, 1r-16v; II, 16v-27v; III, 27v-50r; IV, 50r-66r. No glosses. A few marginal notes by the scribe (Franciscus Sirigattus).