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Work C.2.8

Laurentius Bonincontrius
Commentary on the Quadripartitum


‘(Florence, BML, Plut. 29.3) ‘Exerpta per me Laurentium Bonincontrum Miniatensem ex Quadripartito Ptholomei et expositione Hali commentatoris sive Porphiri. Ex capitulo primo commenti. <S>cientia stellarum est ars a principiis certis aliarum scientiarum proveniens, quibus ea que accidunt possunt sciri cuius principia in phisicis… Ex textu et commento de pronosticandi scientia. Duas esse res quibus pronosticandi scientia perficitur et has maiores aliis quia de omnibus rebus potest cognoscere astrologus — et extrahemus a locis mensium et dabimus cuilibet signo duos dies et tertium. Finis. Deo gratias.’


A commentary on the complete text of the Quadripartitum with Haly Abenrudian’s commentary in Aegidius de Tebaldis’s translation.


In the only known MS, the text follows Laurentius Bonincontrius’s commentary on Ptolemy’s Centiloquium (C.3.14), which was copied in 1477, a date which is likely to be the terminus ante quem of the present text as well.


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