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Work C.1.4

Commentary on Geber’s Liber super Almagesti


‘(Paris, BnF, lat. 7406) Geber in libro 30 figurarum ad probationem sui propositi commodius habendam quedam premittit. Prima autem eius propositio eadem est prime Theodosii in primo. Secunda autem proponit sensum quinque propositionum primi libri Theodosii… [text] Omnis circulus signatus super speram a cuius polo egredientis ad circumferenciam linee quadratus est equalis medietati quadrati dyametri spere est ex magnis eiusdem spere. [comm.] Sit enim spera ABZ circulis in ea signatus BGD — et fecit illud secundum semitam indagationis subtilis.’


A commentary on Geber’s Liber super Almagesti (C.1.2) up to the middle of the first chapter of Book IV, by an anonymous author who also used the Almagesti minor (C.1.3). The only known manuscript dates from the second half of the 13th century and belongs to a university environment, probably in Paris or in England.


R. Lorch, ‘The Astronomical Instruments of Jābir ibn Aflah and the Torquetum’, Centaurus 20 (1976), pp. 11-34: 32 and n. 26; H. Zepeda, The First Latin Treatise on Ptolemy’s Astronomy: The Almagesti minor (c. 1200), Turnhout, 2018, 99-100.