Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Prague, Národní Knihovna České Republiky, V.A.11 (802)

s. XV1 (before 1432; Truhlář dates the MS to the 14th c.).


Johannes Andree Schindel by c. 1431-1432 (see f. 14v-15r).

Paper, 68 f., two hands (f. 1-50v and 51r-68v).

Mathematics: Ptolemaica (1r-59v); scattered astronomical notes and diagrams (59v-68v). Blank: 64r.

Note The notes f. 59v-68v include, on f. 62v, four proofs that are reworkings of proofs from Almagest, I.9 and I.12 or of the Almagesti minor, I.4-7 (‘… habemus FHK FK sit corda nota — ergo proportion DA ad EA surgit ex proportionibus DF ad FG et GB ad BE, quod proposuimus’). They have however different diagram letters (and diagrams are missing), so that it is difficult to say how similar or dissimilar they are from Almagest or Almagesti minor. The other notes are not directly related to Almagest or Almagesti minor, they include a note on lunar years with a table (59v), a set of notes on optics (60r-62r), notes on lunar and solar eclipses (63r-63v) collection of values related to the Sun, the Moon and the planets (64v-66v), a little note on epicycles (67r) and diagrams and values for Saturn (?), Jupiter and Mars (67v-68v) (communication Henry Zepeda, 18 November 2014).

Bibl. J. Truhlář, Catalogus codicum manu scriptorum qui in C.R. Bibliotheca Publica atque Universitatis Pragensis asservantur, I, Prague, 1905, 326-327; H. Zepeda, The First Latin Treatise on Ptolemy’s Astronomy: The Almagesti minor (c. 1200), Turnhout, 2018, 57.


‘<O>mnium recte philosophancium non solum verisimilibus et credibilibus argumentis — tenebrarum sic habent. Ave gratia plena Dei genitrix Virgo ex te enim ortus est. Scriptoris votum, Virgo, tu respice totum. Explicit liber Almagesti minoris et Deo gratias.’

= Almagesti minor (C.1.4)

. A few marginal notes by the scribe and by Johannes Andree Schindel. The latter include observations of the length of the year for 1431-1432 on f. 14v-15r.