Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Cracow, Biblioteka Jagiellońska, 1967

s. XV-XVI1 (hands I, II and probably III are from the 15th c., and hand IV from the first half of the 16th c.).


University of Cracow (note on inner front cover: ‘Pro verificatione ex ultima pro Cracovia sufficit 22 minuta addere et ad maximum 24, ad coniunctiones et oppositiones, ut magister Nicolaus Schadek [Nicolaus de Szadek, fl. 1518-1532] dicit…’).

Paper, I+107 f.+Ia, four main hands (I: f. 1-26v; II: f. 27r-32v and 42v-60v; III: f. 33r-36r; IV: f. 36v-38v and 61-91r).

Astrology and astronomy: scattered astronomical and astrological notes by hand IV (inner front cover); fragment of a text on the liberal arts (Ira-Ivb and Iara-Iavb); Ptolemaica (1r-60v), with inserted texts and pieces (see below); ‘Nunc videndum est de imaginibus septem planetarum sive stellarum erraticarum…’ (61r-64v); ‘Ad utilitatem discipulorum astronomice artis tractatus de ordine stellarum fixarum celi seu imaginibus 48 firmamenti…’ (64v-68r); ‘Astrolabii quo primi mobilis motus deprehenduntur canones. In opus et instrumentum astronomicum astrolabium vel planispherium…’ (69r-91r); ‘Nota. Si aliquis ad te interrogaverit (?) et volueris scire in qua voluntate ad te venit…’ by hand IV (inner back cover). Blank: 35r, 39r-42r, 68v, 91v-107v.


W. Wisłocki, Katalog rękopisόw Biblijoteki Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, II, Krakόw, 1881, 478; G. Rosińska, Scientific Writings and Astronomical Tables in Cracow. A Census of Manuscript Sources (xivth-xvith Centuries), Wrocław-Warszawa, 1984, 555 (index).


‘Liber quadripartiti Ptholemei cuius in primo tractato (!) sunt 24 capitula. Translationis nove [title in upper margin by a later hand]. Capitulum primum primi tractatus quatuor partium Ptholomei Veludiani. Res, o Miseri, quibus perficiuntur pronosticationes accepte de astronomia maiores et nobiliores sunt due, quarum est que debet in ordinatione esse virtute (?) preponi et est hec ars qua duorum luminarium et quinque planetarum figure sciuntur secundum motum suum — Et postquam in modo universali perfecimus iudicium nativitatum finem huic libro in hoc libro (!) huic libro conveniens estimemus inponere.’

= Haly Abenrudian, Glosa super Quadripartito Tholomei (C.2.2), without the translator’s preface and without Haly’s preface and commentary. I, 1r-21v; II, 21v-38v; III, 42v-50r (c. 12-14 only); IV, 50r-60v. The text is copied on f. 1r-5v, 7r-8v, 10r-32v, 36v-38v and 42v-60v. F. 6 and 9 consist of two small inserted pieces of parchment containing astronomical notes for 1408 and 1412-1414 in another hand. F. 33r-36r, originally blank, contain a text on eclipses ‘Considera si coniunctio fuerit de die vel nocte — Expliciunt canones eclipsium per dominum Iohannem de Gaxonia [John of Saxony] compilati’. F. 35r and 39r-42r are blank. Glosses by hand IV (f. 21v-32v), which is also responsible for supplying the end of Book II on f. 36v-38v.