Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Conv. Soppr. F.IX.478

s. XVI1 (1547-1548, the date 1547, given in the explicit, is a mistake for 1548).


University of Pisa, MS probably used by Ristori in his teaching and possibly written in his hand (the script is very close to Ristori’s autograph note in MS Florence, BNC, Nuovi Acquisisti 1213, f. 37v).


the MS continued to be used in teaching (presumably at the University of Pisa), first in 1558-1559 (see Note below), then by Filippo Fantoni. The MS later belonged to the convent Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Paper, III+441 f., one or perhaps two hands.

Ptolemaica (single text). Scattered notes (inner front cover and Ir); book index (Iv); incomplete subject index (IIr-IIIr). Blank: IIIv, 441.

Note The MS was used in teaching from early November 1558 to 26 January 1559, as shown by added notes in the lower margin of f. 49r (‘Die 8a Novembris 1558’, Lecture 14), 99r (‘Die XI Novembris hora 22ma 1558’, Lecture 26), 126v (‘Die Iovis 24 Novembris 1558’, end of Lecture 33 and of Book I), 149r (‘Die 28 Novembris hora 20 1558 dum Lune’, Lecture 39), 161r (‘Die prima Decembris 1558 de mane Iovis’, Lecture 42), 171v (‘Die secunda Decembris 1558 de mane’, Lecture 45); 199r (‘Die 6 Decembris 1558’), 236r (‘Completus die XIII Decembris 1558, hora noctis tercia Martis die’, end of Lecture 61 and of Book II), 236v (‘Ceptus die qua secundus, completus est eadem nocte, hora 4 4/5’, this note next to the title of Book III), 248v (‘Completus die 15 Decembris 1558 hora nona (?) … (?) Iovis’, Lecture 65), 310r (‘Die prima Ianuarii de mane 1558, Solis die’, Lecture 79), 348v (‘Completus die Lune, nona Ianuarii 1558, hora 21a’, Lecture 88)’, 380v (‘Completus die Veneris, 13 Ianuarii, hora noctis 3 1/3’, end of Lecture 96 and of Book III) and 398v (‘Die Iovis 19 Ianuarii, hora 2 noctis, 1558’, Lecture 101). The closing lecture took place on 26 January 1558 [=1559] according to the colophon. The person responsible for this teaching was perhaps Francesco Ottonaio, the immediate successor of Giuliano Ristori as professor of mathematics at Pisa.

Bibl. Inventario dei MSS dei Conventi Soppressi (handwritten inventory), 24.


‘In Quadripartitum Tholomaei regis expositio praeclara magistri Iuliani de Ristoriis Pratensis astrologiam (corr. in Philippi de Fantoniis mathesim) profitentis in almo studio Pisano, una cum questionibus necnon observationibus comprobatur undique textus. Cum in omni scientia plura preponuntur et ut Avere (!) testis est — vobis autem gratias refero quamplures et valete. Die 19 Iunii Pisis 1547. Finis commentariorum (corr. in lectionum) … (?) magistri (?) Philippi Fantonii … (?) in Pt<olom>ei Quadripartitum. Completus die Iovis 26 Ianuarii hora … (?) 1558.’

= Giuliano Ristori, 〈Lectiones in Quadripartitum〉 (C.2.23)

. I, 1r-126v; II, 127r-236r; III, 236v-380v; IV, 381r-440v. Marginal notes by the scribe and by at least one other hand, including a note in Italian mentioning the year 1554 f. 93v.