Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ashmole 357

s. XIV and/or XV (for f. 1-178: f. 71-178 are dated to the middle of the 14th c. by Black and f. 71-75 to the 14th c. by Busard/Folkerts) and XV1 (at least for f. 179-216).


enigma in French f. 6r, but most hands appear to be English.



Paper, 216 f., several hands, two of which copied the Ptolemaic section (f. 97r-97v and 98r-178v). The MS is organised in a chaotic manner. Several folia are missing after f. 178.

Computus, astrology, mathematics, optics and astronomy: Anianus, Computus manualis (1r-5v), with comm. (7r-26v); enigma in French (6r); Alcabitius, Introductorius (27r-52v); Hermes, Centiloquium (53r-57v); notes of geometry ‘Omnis numeris cubicus multiplicatus in se…’ (57v); list of 12 books translated by Gerard of Cremona (57v); Capitula Almansoris (58r-67r); Bethen, Centiloquium (67v-69v); notes on hyleg ‘Secundum Alkabicium in Introductorio suo…’ (70r); Euclid, Elementa, version ‘Adelard II’, excerpts from Book XI (71r-75v); Ametus filius Josephi [Aḥmad ibn Yūsuf], Liber de proportione et proportionalitate (76r-90v); Alkindi, De aspectibus (91r-96v); Ptolemaica (97r-178v); Petrus de Monte Alcino, four prognostications for the years 1419, 1421, 1430 and 1448 (179r-216r). Blank: 6v, 70v, 191v, 216v (except for pen trials).


W. R. Black, A Descriptive and Critical Catalogue of the Manuscripts Bequeathed unto the University of Oxford by Elias Ashmole, Oxford, 1845, 266-268; H. L. L. Busard, M. Folkerts, Robert of Chester’s (?) Redaction of Euclid’s Elements, the so-Called Adelard II Version, Basel-Boston-Berlin, 1992, I, 69-70.


‘Liber Ieberi continens tractatus novem [title in upper margin, hand of the scribe]. <S>ciencia species habet quarum melior post scienciam in duobus nodis ecentrici. Invenit ergo stellam Veneris quando est in longitudine longiori orbis revolutionis elongatam…’

= Geber, Liber super Almagesti (C.1.2). Preface, 97r-98r; I, 98r-107v; II, 107v-118r; III, 118r-122v; IV, 122v-132v; V, 132v-149r; VI, 149r-161v; VII, 161v-173r; VIII, 173r-177r; IX, 177r-178v. Abrupt end towards the beginning of Book IX due to missing folia. A few marginal notes by the scribe (as well as unrelated notes in English by a 16th-17th c. hand f. 156v, 159r and 165r). A number of diagrams have been supplied on eight small parchment leaves inserted by the scribe (= f. 97bis, 110bis, 114bis, 118bis, 164bis, 169bis, 173bis, 174bis).