Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Venice, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, lat. XIV.165 (4254)

s. XIV (f. 21-66).


Italy (cf. ‘ç’ for ‘z’).

Parchment and paper, 289 f. Composite MS, of which the second part (f. 21-66 with f. 32, 34-35, 37-38, 42-43, 50-51, 59 and 64 missing, parchment, a single neat hand) includes the Ptolemaic section among astronomical texts. The first part (f. 1-20, a beautiful 14th-c. MS on parchment copied by a single hand, with painted initials) also contains scientific material (Tideus’s De speculis, 1ra-4rb; Apollonius’s Liber de pyramidibus, 4rb-11ra; and Euclid’s De aspectibus, 11ra-20rb), but there is no indication that the first two parts were originally related. The rest of the MS consists of letters and documents of various kinds from the 16th-17th c. in Italian and in Latin.

Astronomy (f. 21-66): Pseudo-Messahallah, De compositione astrolabii (21ra-39ra); Theorica planetarum Gerardi (39ra-46rb); Pseudo-Thebit Bencora, De motu octave spere (46rb-49va); Ptolemaica (49va-53rb); Thebit Bencora, De recta imaginatione spere et circulorum eius diversorum (53rb-54vb); Thebit Bencora (?), De quantitate stellarum et planetarum et proportione terre (54vb-56va); Franco de Polonia, Tractatus de turketo (57ra-62ra, with f. 60-61 inverted); Peter Peregrinus of Maricourt, De magnete (62ra-66rb, with f. 62-63 inverted); added diagram on the seven climates (66v).

Bibl. P. Zorzanello, Catalogo dei codici Latini delle Bibliotheca Nazionale Marciana di Venezia (non compresi nel catalogo di G. Valentinelli), III, Trezzano, 1985 (handwritten catalogue), 202-206; P. O. Kristeller, Iter Italicum, II, London-Leiden, 1977, 247.


‘Incipit liber Thebith Benchorath de hiis que indigent expositione antequam legatur Almagester (!). (49vb) <E>quator diei est circulus maior qui describitur super duos polos orbis ― aut propinqui oppositioni erunt retrogradi. Expletus est liber Thebith filii Core de hiis que indigent expositione antequam legatur Almagesti.’

= Thebit Bencora, De hiis que indigent expositione antequam legatur Almagesti (C.1.1)

. The text is truncated due to missing f. 50-51. No glosses.