Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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London, British Library, Harley 267

s. XIIIex-XIVin (f. 24-174; f. 175-234 date from the first half of the 14th c. and the rest of the MS from the 15th c.).


English hand (f. 24-174; most of the MS seems to be English, with the possible exception of f. 175-234, parts of which at least were copied in the Low Countries (Bruges?) by a Flemish scribe, cf. f. 211r-212v and 217v).


Roger Marchall (d. 1477); John Dee; Sir Simonds d’Ewes (d. 1650); Robert Harley (d. 1724).

Parchment, 235 f. Composite MS made of several parts of various dates and origins, of which f. 24-174 form one unit copied by a single hand.

Astrology (f. 24-174): Ptolemaica (24r-51r); Albumasar, Introductorium maius, tr. John of Seville (51r-174r). The other parts of the MS include: computus ‘Ut cognoscamus quid est annus…’ (1r-2r); table of contents of f. 24-224, by Roger Marchall (2v); Gregory, Homiliae 40 in Evangelia (3ra-9vb); Augustine, De haeresibus, end gone (10ra-15vb); excerpts from classical authors (16v-23v); Isenbrandus ordinis predicatorum, Kalendarium novum 1329 (175r-178v); Prophatius Judeus, Almanach (179r-210v); astronomical tables with headings in Flemish (211r-212v); Toledan tables (213r-216v); table for computing the zodiacal position of the Moon (217r) with instructions and added note mentioning Bruges and the value of the precession 10°17′ for 1296 (217v); Zael, De electionibus (218ra-221va); Zael, Liber temporum (221va-223va); Gergis, De significatione septem planetarum in domibus (223va-224vb); short astrological pieces (224vb-227v), including the horoscope of a Johannes born on 31 August 1329 (227v); Thomas Bradwardine, Tractatus proportionum, abridged version (228r-229r); two short texts on motion and light (230r-234r); horoscope for 1442, added, perhaps by Roger Marchall (235r). Blank: 16r, 229v, 234v, 235v.

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‘Quadripartitum Ptholomei [title added in upper margin]. Accidentia scientie futurorum de significatione super illud quod proventurum est a stellis dividuntur in duas radices — quam consecutis sum cum scientia et probacione mea et hic melius quam potui vulgariter. Perfectus est Quadripartitus Pth<olomei> gratia Dei mense Februario die Sabbati, Sole in Aquario 26 gradu, Luna in eodem 6, Saturno in Tauro, anno ab incarnatione domini MºCCºXXXº quarto, annis Arabum 633, era MªCCª74 in civitate Toletana translatus. Et triangulus quidam primus vocatur atrioalis (?) et est ille qui incipit ab Ariete et nominatur atrionalis (!) — hoc capitulum est p… (?). Explicit Quadripartitus Ptolomei. Deo adiuvante.’

= Ptolemy, Quadripartitum (tr. Toledo 1236) (A.2.4)

. Book I, 24r-32r; II, 32r-39r; III, 39r-45r; IV, 45r-51r; additional paragraph, 51r. No glosses.