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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Dijon, Bibliothèque Municipale, 441 (266)

s. XIVex.


copied by Jean Fusoris, probably when he was a student in Paris in the 1380s or 1390s.


Dijon, Carthusian monastery.

Paper, 233 f., a single hand or one main hand (Jean Fusoris).

Geometry, astronomy and optics: Euclid, Elementa, ed. Campanus of Novara (1r-122vb); Theodosius, Spherica, anonymous tr. (122vb-145vb); Jean Fusoris (?), reworking of Witelo’s Perspectiva ‘Videndo perspectivam Witelonis aliqua que sequuntur reservavi. Unde prologus sic incipit: Veritatis amatori…’ (154r-201r); Jean Fusoris, Libellus de sectione mukefi ‘Libellus iste est de seccione mukefi, mediante qua componuntur specula ad magnam vel parvam distanciam comburentia prout placet. Subtili indagatione reperiuntur…’ (204r-206r, ed. Clagett, Archimedes, 185-199); Jean Fusoris (?), De constituendo speculorum ‘Speculum in quo visu uno multe apparebunt ymagines se moventes constituere. Accipe pixidem profundam…’ (206r-207v); Ptolemaica (212r-233v). Blank: 146-153, 201v-203v, 208-211.


Catalogue général des manuscrits des bibliothèques publiques de France. Départements, V, Paris, 1889, 104; M. Clagett, Archimedes in the Middles Ages, IV, Philadelphia, 1980, 161; M. Clagett, ‘Conic Sections in the Fourteenth Century: The Nature of the latus rectum of a Parabola’, in Studi sul XIV secolo in memoria di Anneliese Maier, eds A. Maierù, A. Paravicini Bagliani, Roma, 1981, 179-217: 205-206; H. Zepeda, The Medieval Latin Transmission of the Menelaus Theorem, PhD dissertation, University of Oklahoma at Norman, 2013, 185-187.


‘Quelibet circumferentia circuli secundum astrologos ymaginarum divide per 360 partes equales… Commentum super Almagesti Ptholemei [title in the upper margin by the scribe]. Data circuli dyametro… Pro probatione istius propositionis supponitur quod linea divisa — de aliis signis in quolibet climate etc. Et sic est expleta dictio secunda Almagesti.’

= ‘Erfurt Commentary’ on the Almagest (C.1.9), expanded version, probably by Jean Fusoris. A few glosses by the scribe.