Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 18927

s. XIIex.




Tergensee in the 15th c. (ex-libris f. Iv and 158r).

Parchment, I+158 f., two main hands, both very neat (I: f. 1r, 31-69 and 130-157; II: f. 70-129). It is difficult to say whether the tables on f. 1v-30v were copied by the first or by a third hand.

Astronomy and astrology: Tegernsee ex-libris and table of contents, 15th c. (Ir); table of contents (15th c.) and notes on the periods of the planets (1r); Toledan tables (1v-30v); Liber ysagogarum Alchorismi (31r-33r); canons of Toledan tables (33v-45r); Zael, Liber iudiciorum (46r-68v); Messahallah, Epistola de rebus eclipsium (68v-69v); astronomical tables with canons (70r-76r); Ptolemaica (76v-129r); two sets of planetary tables (78r-96v and 98v-120r); Pseudo-Aristotle, De Luna (129r-129v); Messahallah, Liber receptionis (130ra-136vb); Alfraganus, De scientia astrorum, tr. John of Seville (137ra-147vb); Aomar, De nativitatibus (148ra-157vb). Blank: Iv, 45v, 158r-158v (except a few scattered notes, including the Tegernsee ex-libris on f. 158r).

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‘<S>ignorum alia sunt masculini generis, alia feminini — Mars piper, scuta et arma.’

= Pseudo-Ptolemy, Iudicia (B.3)

. The text alternates with the planetary tables on f. 76v-77v, 92v-93v, 97r-98r and 120v-129r. No glosses.