Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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New Haven, Yale University – Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Beinecke 1059

s. XIV.


northern Italy.

Paper, 156 f., a single hand.

A collection of over 20 texts, poems and letters dealing with various non-scientific subjects, including a section on astral magic (f. 141r-148r) made of three texts: Hermes/Enoch, Liber imaginum signorum, attr. Ptolemy ‘Liber de proprietatibus signorum secundum Tholomeum’ (141r-143r, f. 143v is blank); Ptolemaica (144r-145r); and Thebit Bencora, De imaginibus (145r-148r). This section is preceded by the copy of several letters (135r-140v), including one addressed by Emperor Henry VII to the citizens of Bologna in 1311 (138r-138v), and followed by Petrarch’s Historia Griseldis (148v-154v).

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‘Incipit liber Thebit Benchorat de quinque ymaginibus et sunt generales. Dixit Aburabem Bemeliç quia omnes orientales operabantur per has ymagines — in eo quod vermes non comedant si in orto fuerit plantata y<mago>.’