Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Madrid, Biblioteca de la Real Academia de la Historia, 97

s. XIII1.


MS copied by the same scribe who copied MS Madrid, BN, 10113 (olim Toledo 98-15)(see).


cathedral of Toledo probably from the late 13th c. until 1360 (see MS Madrid, BN, 10113 (olim Toledo 98-15)); Madrid, Biblioteca de los Reales Estudios de San Isidro.

Parchment, 139 f., a single hand, at least one folio is missing at the end.

Ptolemaica (single text). Ex-libris and notes (inner front cover), including ‘Commentum Almagesti Ptholomei, est liber astrorum’, late medieval hand. Blank: 139.


P. O. Kristeller, Iter Italicum, IV, London-Leiden, 1989, 509; E. Ruiz García, Catálogo de la secciόn de cόdices de la Real Academia de la Historia, Madrid, 1997, 475-476.



‘Prima dictio [upper margin, perhaps by another hand]. Quod perpendicularis cadens ex extremitate arcus super diametrum productam ab extremitate eius secunda sit sinus eius… (2r) In capitulo secondo Almagesti, sciendum est universaliora esse preponenda aliis et sensibiliora particularia minus sensibilibus — (138r) similiter capitulum istud planum est et nichil est in eo dicendum. Finite sunt notule Almagesti. Sciendum est quod in secundo libro est quiddam de proportionibus quod non est ibi bene enucleatur — esse est sine motu et non…’

= Gerard of Cremona, Notule Almagesti (C.1.3). Opening, 1r-2r; I, 2r-12v; II, 12v-20r; III, 20r-34r; IV, 34r-48r; V, 48r-73r; VI, 73r-90v; VII, 90v-94r; VIII, 94r-98v; IX, 98v-108v; X, 108v-116r; XI, 116r-121r; XII, 121r-127v; XIII, 127v-138r; additional notes (incomplete due to one missing folio), 138r-138v. Marginal notes by the scribe and by several later hands.