Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria, 326-II (213)

s. XVI2 (1560).


Bologna, autograph of Ercole Bottrigari.

Paper, 569 f., one hand. MS 326 is made of three folders containing various works by Ercole Bottrigari. Only the second folder concerns us.

Ptolemaica (single work). Blank: 1-2.

Bibl. L. Frati, Indichi dei codici latini conservati nella R. Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna, Firenze, 1909, 195.


‘Mathematicae operationes omnes quae in magnae Cl<audii> Ptolemaei Pelusiensibus Alexandrini compositionis astronomicae Almagesti vulgo nuncupatae, lib. XIII continentur… Ab Hercule Bottrigario geometrice ac arithmetice propria eius manu demonstratae, Bononiae, 1560.’