Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Conv. Soppr. A.V.2654

s. XIII (13th-14th c. acc. Heiberg and Haskins).


southern hand.


Florence, Badia Fiorentina (church Santa Maria Assuntanella), cf. f. 1r: ‘Iste liber est abbatie Florentine’ and f. 120v: ‘Abbatie Florentine’.

Parchment, 120 f., a single hand, painted initials at the beginning of each book of the Almagest. Several folia are missing at the beginning.

Ptolemaica (single text), followed (f. 120v) by a short text, which consists of a Latin translation of the introduction of the 5th- or 6th-c. Greek commentary on the Almagest known as the Prolegomena ad Almagestum: ‘Astronomiam in eis qui ad Syrum genethialogicis (!) quatuor libris Ptolomeus ita diffinivit: Astronomia est scientia conceptiva astrorum — et linearibus demonstrationibus paratorum canonum nudas et indemonstrabiles ephodos’ (ed. F. Acerbi, N. Vinel, B. Vitrac, ‘Les Prolégomènes à l’Almageste. Une édition à partir des manuscrits les plus anciens. Introduction générale – Parties I-III’, SCIAMVS 11 (2010), 53-210: 90-91).


Inventario dei MSS dei Conventi Soppressi (handwritten inventory), 3; J. L. Heiberg, ‘Eine mittelalterliche Übersetzung der Syntaxis des Ptolemaios’, Hermes 45 (1910), 57-66; C. H. Haskins, Studies in the History of Mediaeval Science, Cambridge, 1927 (2nd ed.), 158-159.


‘Cum sit autem consequens demonstrare et que particulariter attenduntur quantitates comprehensarum inter equinoctialem et eum qui per media animalia circulum — et que ad commoditatem solam contemplacionis sed non ad ostentacionem commemoratio suggerebat, proprium utique nobis hic et commensurabilem recipiat finem presens negotium.’

= Ptolemy, Almagesti (tr. Sicily c. 1150) (A.1.1), starting with the end of I.12. I, 1r-2v; II, 2v-22r; III, 22r-30r; IV, 30r-40v; V, 40v-51v; VI, 51v-62v; VII, 62v-72v; VIII, 72v-81v; IX, 82r-89v; X, 89v-95r; XI, 95r-104r; XII, 104r-111r; XIII, 111r-120r. A few marginal notes by the scribe and by a later hand.