Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Ottob. lat. 1826

s. XIII-XIV (f. 65-79, the rest of the MS dates from the middle of the 14th c., except for 15th-c. additions f. 39v-40v, 62-64, 79r, 86rb and 141-156).


Italy (Italian hands acc. Pedersen; Genoa mentioned f. 46va-50vb; most of the 15th-c. additions are by the same hand, which might be that of Beltramus of Sinna, cf. f. 86rb and 146r; Florence is also mentioned f. 86rb and 141r).

Parchment, 156 f., several hands, one of which copied f. 65-78.

Astronomy: canons of Toledan tables (1r-38v); tables of the Sun’s entry into the signs for 1440-1444 and 1448-1480 (39v-40v); John of Ligneres, Canones (41ra-46rb); canons of astronomical tables mentioning Genoa and the years 1332 and 1334 (46va-50vb); John of Ligneres, Canones primi mobilis (51ra-61va); almanac 1432-1467 (62r-62v); ‘Ad inveniendum veram coniunctionem et oppositionem Solis et Lune…’, with diagram (63v); astrology ‘De carestia (!) et fame vel habundantia et vilitate. Ptholomeus. Quando Iupiter fuerit in signo aquatico…’ (64r-64v); Ptolemaica (65r-78v); table ‘Motus planetarum et argumentorum in omni annali revolutionum…’ (79r); Alfonsine tables (80r-113r), with two added tables of planetary roots, one for Florence and the other for Siena in 1420 ‘per me Beltramum examinate’ (86rb); astronomical tables, partly by John of Ligneres (113v-140v); tables of conjunctions Sun-Moon 1393-1753 (141r-142r), with mention of Florence (141r); lists of eclipses 1428-1444 (142r); ascension tables for 48° (142v-143r); lunar tables (143v-144v); tables of lunar mansions (145r-145v); tables of planetary roots 1421-1468 ‘examinate per me Beltramum in civitate Senarum [Siena]’ (146r-147v); astronomical tables with canons (148ra-156va). Blank: 39r, 63r, 79v.

Bibl. Inventarii codicum manuscriptorum Latinorum Bibliothecae Vaticanae Ottobonianae (handwritten catalogue), II, 92v; L. Thorndike, ‘Notes upon Some Medieval Latin Astronomical, Astrological and Mathematical Manuscripts at the Vatican, Part II’, Isis 49 (1958), 34-49: 35-38; F. S. Pedersen, The Toledan Tables. A Review of the Manuscripts and the Textual Versions with an Edition, København, 2002, I, 177.


‘Claudii Ptholomei mathematicorum Sintaxeos elmeruguisti capitula VII libri incipiunt. Quoniam fixe stelle eandem semper positionem conservant ad se invicem… [chapter index]. <P>ertranseuntes in ante hoc quod coordinatis, o Syre, et circa rectam et circa inclinatam speram contigentia — (78r) Que ultra cubitum Australis Chele: <Gradus longitudinis> Cancri XIX VIa. <Gradus latitudinis> Not<us> II ter<tie> <Magnitudo> IIIIa.’

= Ptolemy, Almagesti (tr. Sicily c. 1150) (A.1.1)

, Book VII, ending abruptly in the star catalogue with the sign of Cancer at the bottom of f. 78r and with an empty table on f. 78v. No glosses.