Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Hannover, Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek, IV 394

s. XII.


according to Pingree, the Ptolemaic section was copied on BnF, lat. 14754, from France.


monastery of Marienrode, near Hildesheim (f. 1r: ‘Liber Novalis sancte Marie quem contulit magister Bruno’ and ‘Liber Novalis sancte Marie Virginis’, 14th-c. hand).

Parchment, I+83 f., two hands (I: f. 1-38 and 69-83; II: f. 39-68).

Astronomy, astrology: ‘Naturalis ratio duodecim signorum, et primum de Ariete. Regionem itaque zodiaci…’ (1r-4r); Opusculum de ratione spere (4r-38v); Ptolemaica (39r-53v and 54v-63v); Tabula fortune (54r); ‘Si vis cum astrolabio lucente Sole horas diei invenire…’ (64r); De utilitatibus astrolabii, c. 1-2 (64r-66v); De mensura astrolabii (66v-68v); Hyginus, De astronomia, incomplete and with additions (69r-80r); Excerptum de astrologia Arati (80v-82r); ‘Unciarum divisionem nosse que non minus temporibus…’ (82r-82v); ‘Libra vel as ex unciolis constat duodenis…’ (82v-83r). Blank: 83v.


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39r–⁠53v and 54v–⁠63v

‘Intellectus climatum poli sepissime requires si inveneris platos civitatis — (53v) requires superiorem et inferiorem et addes aut deduces’ (followed by the tables f. 54v-63v).

= Ptolemy, Preceptum canonis Ptolomei (tr. before c. 1000) (A.7.1). No glosses.