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Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Plut. 89 sup. 38

s. XVex (at least partly copied in 1494).


Italy, at least partly copied in Rome (f. 314r: ‘Explicit Rome 4 Ianuarii 1494, die Saturni, hora meridiei pulsante’).

Paper, 324 f. (new foliation in the lower right corner), several hands.

Magic, astral magic, geomancy and astrology in a large collection of texts, excerpts, notes and experimenta of all kinds in Latin and in Italian, which are difficult to collate. Identified texts include Thebit Bencora, De proprietatibus quarundam stellarum (1r-3v); ‘Incipit tractatus de ymaginibus. Si discordare quempiam velis, diriga ymaginem hora Martis…’ (3v-8v); Ptolemaica (9r-17r); Picatrix, excerpts (18r-30r); Hermes, Liber orationum planetarum septem (76v-77v and 99r-99v); Salomon, De quatuor annulis (211r-224v); Salomon, De figura Almandal (267v-270r, with beginning at 268r); Hermes/Belenus, De imaginibus septem planetarum (280v-282r, with beginning at 281r). Many blank folia, including 17v.


A. M. Bandini, Catalogus Codicum Latinorum Bibliothecae Mediceae Laurentianae, III, Firenze, 1776, 305-308; D. Pingree, Picatrix. The Latin Version of the Ghāyat Al-Ḥakīm, London, 1986, xxxviii; J. Véronèse, L’Almandal et l’Almandel latins au Moyen Age. Introduction et éditions critiques, Firenze, 2012, 94-97.


‘Preclarissimi viri domini Ptholomei tractatus de imaginationibus feliciter incipit. Dixit Albuzaben quia omnes originales operabantur per has ymaginationes. Ligatio latronum. Cum volueris ligare latronum ut domum non intrent, figurabis ymaginationem viri ex ere — et inpetrabis ex eo quod animus tuus desiderat. Finis. Expliciunt imagines Ptholomei. Finis’

= Pseudo-Ptolemy, De imaginibus super facies signorum (B.14). Corrections by the scribe.