Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, San Marco 215

s. XIV-XV.


Florence, convent of San Marco.

Parchment, II+144 f., a single hand, decorated initials.

Astronomy and geometry: table of contents ‘Liber Yeber in Almaiesto. Practica quedam geometrie’, medieval hand (IIv); Ptolemaica (1r-124r); Dominicus de Clavasio, Practica geometrie, incomplete (124v-144r). Blank: Ir-IIr, 144v.

Bibl. A. A. Björnbo, Die mathematischen S. Marcohandschriften in Florenz. Nuova edizione a cura di Gian Carlo Garfagnini con una premessa di Eugenio Garin, Pisa, 1976, 87-88 and 137; P. O. Kristeller, Iter Italicum, V, London-Leiden, 1990, 561.


‘Sciencia species habet quarum melior post scientiam sunt digniores ut evanescant et destruantur. Completa est declaracio eius. Completus est tractatus nonus et est ultimus liber. Hunc librum transtulit in Toleto magister Geradus (!) Cremensis (!) de Arabico in Latinum.’

= Geber, Liber super Almagesti (C.1.2)

. Preface, 1r-2v; I, 2v-16r; II, 16r-28r; III, 28r-35r; IV, 35r-48r; V, 48r-68v; VI, 68v-88r; VII, 88r-105v; VIII, 105v-112v; IX, 112v-124r. A few marginal notes by a later hand.