Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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London, Royal College of Physicians, 383

s. XIIIex.



Parchment, 178 f., a single hand. Missing folia at beginning and end.

Optics and astronomy: Alhazen, De aspectibus (1ra-131rb, beginning gone); added diagram and note of optics (132r); Alfraganus, De scientia astrorum, tr. John of Seville (133r-144r); Alpetragius, De motibus celorum (145r-159v); Rudolf of Bruges, De compositione astrolabii (160r-161v); Ptolemaica (162ra-178vb). F. 179r-181v (which contain a fragment of Bracton’s De legibus et consuetudinibus Anglie) are three folia from another MS, ‘used probably as end leaves in a former binding of MS. 383’ (Ker). Blank: 131v, 132v, 144v.


N. R. Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, I: London, Oxford, 1969, 211-212.


‘Geber Arabs. Sciencia species habet quarum melior post scienciam ad Lunam aut stellam, donec videamus eam in superficie … (?), tunc revolvemus regulam … (?) in circuitu pax…’

= Geber, Liber super Almagesti (C.1.2), ending abruptly towards the beginning of Book V due to missing folia. Preface, 162ra-162va; I, 162va-167ra; II, 167ra-170vb; III, 171ra-173ra; IV, 173ra-178ra; V, 178ra-178vb. No diagrams, except for five on f. 162v-163r. Glosses by the scribe f. 174v and 175v-176v.