Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Schweinfurt, Stadtbibliothek, Ha 16 (H 85)

s. XVIex (in or before 1595 for f. 9-20).


f. 9-20 were sent by Herwart von Hohenburg to Johannes Praetorius on 16 October 1595 (cf. Praetorius’s note in the margin of f. 9r: ‘Versio haec a d<omino> Cancell<ario> Bavarico mihi missa 16 Octobr. 1595’).


Johannes Praetorius.

Paper, 20 f. (new foliation in pencil, lower right corner). MS made of two parts: I. f. 1-8, two hands, including Johannes Praetorius’s f. 8r-8v; II. f. 9-20, originally paginated 1-24, a single neat hand.

Scientific texts in Greek and Latin: fragments from Theodorus Melochites (1r-5r), Heron of Alexandria (5r-7r) and Maximus Planudes (8r-8v) in Greek; Ptolemaica (9r-20v). Blank: 7v.

Bibl. P. O. Kristeller, Iter Italicum, III, London-Leiden, 1983, 693; 450 Jahre Copernicus „De revolutionibus“. Astronomische und mathematische Bücher aus Schweinfurter Bibliotheken. Ausstellung des Stadtarchivs Schweinfurt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Bibliothek Otto Schäfer (21. November 1993 – 19. Juni 1994), ed. U. Müller, Schweinfurt, 1998, 46-47 and 335-336, no. 155 (entries by M. Folkerts).


‘Claudii Ptolomei De suppositione planetarum. Suppositiones, Syre, coelestium motuum in Magnae compositionis commentariis methodica ratione tradidimus — Stella autem Borealis termini obliqui circelli tanquam ad sequentia mundi grad. et sexages. Finis nec quicquam reliquum.’

= Ptolemy, De suppositione planetarum (tr. before 1595) (A.3.2)

. A few short marginal notes by the scribe.