Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Work A.3.2

De suppositione planetarum (tr. before 1595)

First part of Book I (I.1-14 in Heiberg’s edition) translated from the Greek by an anonymous translator at an unknown date before 1595. The only extant manuscript belonged to Johannes Praetorius, who left a note in the margin of f. 9r saying that this version was sent to him by the ‘Bavarian Chancellor’, i.e. Herwart von Hohenburg, on 16 October 1595.

Text ‘(Schweinfurt, SB, Ha 16) Claudii Ptolomei De suppositione planetarum. Suppositiones, Syre, coelestium motuum in Magnae compositionis commentariis methodica ratione tradidimus — Stella autem Borealis termini obliqui circelli tanquam ad sequentia mundi grad. et sexages. Finis nec quicquam reliquum.’

Bibl. P. O. Kristeller, Iter Italicum, III, London-Leiden, 1983, 693; 450 Jahre Copernicus „De revolutionibus“. Astronomische und mathematische Bücher aus Schweinfurter Bibliotheken. Ausstellung des Stadtarchivs Schweinfurt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Bibliothek Otto Schäfer (21. November 1993 – 19. Juni 1994), ed. U. Müller, Schweinfurt, 1998, 46-47 and 335-336, no. 155 (entries by M. Folkerts).

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