Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Q. 69 sup.

s. XIV1.


northern France (Paris?).

Parchment, I+70+Ia f., a single or similar hands (except for additions by two somewhat later hands on f. 69v and 70r), painted initial f. 5v and 41r, decorated initials.

Astronomy: table of contents, early modern (Ir); Campanus of Novara, De proportione et proportionalitate (1r-3v); Campanus of Novara, De figura sectore (4r-5v); Menelaus, Spherica (5v-35r); Pseudo-Thebit Bencora, De motu octave spere (35v-38v); Ptolemaica (39r-40v); Theodosius, Spherica, tr. Gerard of Cremona (41r-68v); Theodosius, Spherica, anonymous tr., first 21 lines only (69r); ‘Si fuerint due line, una sex cubitorum…’, added (69v); ‘De musica dicit miranda Cassiodorus libro secondo formularum suarum…’, added (70r); table of contents, 14th (?) c. (70v); table of contents, early modern (Iar). Blank: Iv, Iav.

Bibl. R. Cipriani, Codici miniati dell’Ambrosiana. Contributo a un catalogo, Vicenza, 1968, 109; A. L. Gabriel, A Summary Catalogue of Microfilms of One Thousand Scientific Manuscripts in the Ambrosiana Library, Milan, Notre Dame, 1968, 324 (no. 815); Inventario Ceruti dei manoscritti della Biblioteca Ambrosiana, ed. A. Paredi, IV, Trezzano, 1978, 575-576; P. O. Kristeller, Iter Italicum, VI, London-Leiden, 1992, 45.


‘Liber quem edidit Tebit filius Chore de his que indigent expositione antequam legatur Almagesti [title in lower margin, hand of the scribe]. Equator diei est circulus maior qui describitur super duos polos orbis ― aut propinqui oppositioni erunt retrogradi. Expletus est liber Tebit filii Chore de hiis que indigent expositione antequam legatur Almagesti.’